Chrisman Gets Big Win Against Ray-Pec

Coach Jason Grubb could not have been more pleased with the grit of his team against Ray-Pec.

“They have big guys who play well at the net and they are coached by a great teacher of tennis IQ, Coach Howard,” Grubb said. “I knew that my 1-3 singles guys were going to have good shots at winning since they are playing much better and peaking before district play next week. However, #6 singles Coltyn Weston subbing upward to varsity was a definite bright spot. He really seems to want to join that next group up on my team after playing low JV last season and beginning the year at #10 on our ladder.”

The #1 doubles team of Taniela Faletau and Brett Wilson is 4-1 together after a mid-year lineup change with notable wins now against Blue Springs, Ray-Pec, Oak Park, and Truman’s #1 teams.

“Even the loss T [Taniela Faletau] and Brett did have was to a fundamental Platte County team when Brett played hurt for us since we were so thin in varsity depth that day,” Grubb said.W

With district play beginning next week, Chrisman will be looking to play first against a tough Kearney team on Monday.

WC vs. Ray-Pec Boys Tennis Scores/Comments (WC first) : 5 to 4

#1 Taniela Faletau vs. Gavin Cummons 8-2 Win

#2 Brett Wilson vs. Riley Wagner 8-2 Win

#3 Roman Campa vs. Chad McElfresh 8-4 Win

#4 Shaun Anderson vs. Logan Daniels 4-8 Loss

#5 Dakoda James vs. Kobe Bennett 4-8 Loss

#6 Coltyn Weston vs. Shawn McDonald 8-6 Win


#1 Dubs: Taniela Faletau/Brett Wilson vs. Wagner/McElfresh 8-3 Win

#2 Dubs: Roman Campa/Dakoda James vs. Cummons/McDonald 5-8 Loss

#3 Dubs: Coltyn Weston/Adam Hamilton vs. Daniels/Bennett 0-8 Loss

JV Results: 3 to 6 William Chrisman lost


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